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Ocean Stations

RV Simon Stevin

The Simon Stevin is the newest oceanic research vessel of the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ). The ship first set sail on 25 May 2012. The ship will be used for multidisciplinary oceanic research purposes, explaining the extensive number of instruments on board. The Simon Stevin will sail the Southern Bight of the Nord Sea and the Eastern part of the English Channel, executing mainly coastal oceanographic research.


PI:  dr. Thanos Gkritzalis (Thanosg@vliz.be)

RV Belgica

RV Belgica is a multidisciplinary oceanographic research and monitoring ship with a main focus on the North Sea environment that continuously registers seawater and meteorological parameters


PI:  dr. Lieven Naudts (Lieven.Naudts@naturalsciences.be)

VLIZ Data Buoy

The VLIZ Data Buoy is a time series marine station located at the C-Power Thornton bank wind turbine farm. It collects data that will help describe the biogeochemical status of the Belgian coastal waters.


PI:  dr. Thanos Gkritzalis (Thanosg@vliz.be)