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The ES in Lochristi was until October 2014 operated within the POPFULL project (ERC grant agreement). The main objective of POPFULL is to make a full system analysis of a bio-energy plantation of poplar and willow trees (full greenhouse gas balance, energy and economic accounting, full life cycle analysis). The measurements are taken from a telescopic mast that grows with the canopy height.

  • Class 1
  • Poplar plantation for bio-energy, planted in 2010
  • Short-rotation coppice: harvested every 2 years
  • Flux and meteorological data since 2010
  • 3-15 m telescopic mast, changes with canopy height
  • Former ERC project "POPFULL"
  • Coordinates: 51°06'43.9"N 3°51'01.6"E


PI:  Tim De Meulder (Tim.Demeulder@uantwerpen.be)

More info and data on the Carbon Portal